To Armoire or Not to Armoire?

Posted by Meryl on April 3, 2014

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These actions are some of the most difficult steps necessary to transform our lives.¬† Helping my clients to understand the reasoning behind the whys of their “stuff” is a purpose driven aspect of our work together. ¬†If something is in the way, I encourage my clients ask questions.¬† Why is it there? ¬†Is it important? ¬†What emotional attachment have you given to this object? ¬†Is this emotional attachment holding you back from your future?¬† We often become immune to our surroundings. ¬†Things are familiar, so they are seemingly comfortable. We can go for years carrying things with us. ¬† We shift them from place to place without even recognizing that they may have become a burden, a burden that has become an obstacle.

I have had to ask myself the same questions I am asking you to ponder.

I carried an armoire around for 30 years‚Ķa big, heavy 4×8 foot armoire.¬† Perhaps you are wondering, why someone would carry around something so cumbersome for so long.¬† It is very simple…I attached feelings to a thing.¬† My behavior towards the armoire was that of obligation.¬† Oh, it was important.¬† That is what I told myself.¬† I got it when I was a kid. ¬†It belonged to me, and so I was responsible for its well-being.¬†¬† Also, one must throw a bit of guilt into the mix. ¬†It was given to me by my mother, after all.

In truth, it was a big, giant, hollow, wooden structure with a lopsided door, a damaged beveled mirror and a drawer that was difficult to open and shut.  Every single place I lived required careful planning as to the placement of the armoire.  You should have seen the look on the furniture mover’s faces in Japan when they pulled that piece out of the truck and then looked at the size of the door.  I needed this armoire!  After all, where was I going to put my stuff?  I had this armoire, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Did it serve a purpose?  Well, I was determined to find some important use for it.  I allowed it to hold all of the things I did not want to have visible.  You know, those unsightly collections of useless items referred to by home organization experts as CLUTTER.  Somehow, the stuff just seemed to be acceptable and manageable when it was neatly tucked into a beautiful, antique armoire.

Would you like to know the moment that I realized that it was time to let go of my armoire? I had placed it in the area of my home that the Feng Shui bagua refers to as the ‚ÄúBlessings Area.‚ÄĚ ¬† At the time, I was studying Feng Shui and considering starting a business. ¬†The weight of starting a business while raising two children seemed to be more than I could do. ¬†I felt like there were too many obstacles in the way. ¬†Where was the space in my life to take this on? ¬†To make this transition required that I create the vision to enable the energetic shift take place within my consciousness. And there it was‚Ķthe armoire. ¬†It was the obstacle blocking my view, energetically weighing me down. ¬†I could not see over it or around it. ¬†I finally saw it for what it was and it needed to leave my home.

Once the armoire was gone, my living space opened up. ¬†The energy of my home lightened and along with it, my conception of what was possible became clear. ¬†Now, in place of the heavy armoire there is a mobile of glittery butterflies (talk about ability to transform). ¬†There is¬†also a small wooden plaque with the words, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” a flourishing plant, and ¬†a colorful piece of artwork. ¬†These objects reinforce the intention that I have set for the way I am choosing to live.

And guess what!¬† I don’t miss it. ¬†In fact there is not a single day that goes by where I think to myself, “Wow, if only I had my oversized antique armoire‚Ķ”¬† If anything, I occasionally¬†wonder how much of my resources were spent moving the gigantic piece of furniture around.¬† I could probably own an entire fleet of armoires with the resources spent relocating my ¬†one, ‚Äúprecious‚ÄĚ armoire.

Look around and see if there are some objects in your home that are being given priority.  Consider if, in truth, they are just filling a void where there could be opportunity.


What’s more important?

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Laundry and Dishes and Dirt, OH MY!

Posted by Meryl on March 10, 2014

How often do we drive past a home or neighborhood and think, “WOW, my life would be so much better if I lived in that house!” ? Well, I can assure you that whatever life challenges you have going on in your current home, the same challenges will creep into your new, fabulous home. ¬†Our homes, the spaces and the people who we choose to live in and around, are there to reflect, guide and teach us about ourselves. ¬†How we observe the lessons and learn from them is our chosen task.

Feng Shui is a tool that can be used to explain the how and why we choose to live the way that we do in our homes. ¬†Setting forth intention is a very powerful decision, but it is often under-utilized in the way we design our living spaces. ¬†What we choose and don’t choose says quite a bit about our perception of what we think our life is and what it can be. ¬†The important factor in choosing has to do with the understanding of why.¬† Once you begin to understand the space in which you live then you begin to understand your life.

We can look at our daily routines to begin to understand the remarkable principles of Feng Shui.¬† At times my home is a visual mess. ¬†At any given time there can be a Thomas the Train track taking up 1/4 of our living room, dishes in the sink and of course, laundry. ¬†For me, “the mess” offers the opportunity to¬†consciously examine what is going on in my life. ¬†What is reflected back at me? ¬†Is it good? Am I satisfied with every aspect of my life? ¬†When things are a mess in my home, there are areas of my life that are a bit chaotic. ¬†What parts of this are okay for me? ¬†What could I manage better? Am I experiencing obstacles in my daily life, and if so how are they showing up in my home? ¬†Have I been sweeping things under the rug? ¬†If so, then I remove the rug, sweep up the dirt and clean the floor. ¬†The rug represents a foundation and defines boundaries within my home, therefore, it holds the same energetic principle represented in my life. This simple act offers the opportunity to look at the intention or intentions I have put in place for myself.

In truth, I could ignore the dirt under the rug. ¬†No one would be the wiser. ¬†I could take everything and shove it into the closet (in Feng Shui closets represent the subconscious) so that everything appears to be in order. We all know that a closet can only hold so much.¬† One day, you begin looking for something missing,¬†you open the door and things begin falling out. ¬†We begin to wonder why we have kept all of this “stuff.” ¬†Is it necessary?¬† Does it serve a purpose or do we hold onto things for fear of letting go? ¬† Now, those of you with seemingly organized homes and closets are no less off the hook for examining areas of life. ¬†On occasion I have observed that people living “perfectly” sometimes fear making mistakes.¬† Therefore, they place quite a bit of judgment on themselves and those around giving the impression of things never being good enough. ¬†My point is that we exist more peacefully and naturally when we create and live balanced lives. ¬†Everything has ebb and flow.

So I choose not to pass negative judgment because there are dishes in the sink. ¬†Yes, I will wash them and put them away. ¬†When I do, I will remember the joyful expression reflected in¬†my son’s face when he sat down and was delighted in eating¬†his favorite breakfast…chocolate chip pancakes. We create our¬†homes for ourselves and the people with whom we choose to share our lives. ¬†The intention behind all of the choices we make is so that we may express and experience a home filled with joy and love.

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